Turbo Dodge Run Logger Home

This page (as crude as it is), has information on logging ECU data from 84-92 Turbo Dodge vehicles using an OTC-based scan tool connected to a PC.

What do I need to get started?

1. Scan Tool

OTC 2000, 4000, 4000E, 4000Enhanced, Enhanced Monitor, including versions of these scanners sold under the MAC, MATCO, Cornwell and possibly other names (Not Snap-on).

2. Cartridge

1993 Pathfinder II domestic cartridge - This is the one to get...it supports all TDs and can datalog.
Domestic Pathfinder - Works for scanning, but does not support datalogging.
Pathfinder 3-in-1 cartridge - I have heard that this supports our cars but have not tested this cartridge

3. Chrysler Diagnostic Connector

Chrysler Diagnostic connector: (connects the Diagnostic connector under the hood to the scanner)
OTC part#: 212635 (available at www.toolsource.com #62951 - $31.95 or on ebay)

4. Serial Cable to connect Scan Tool to PC

OTC part#: 212535 (www.toolsource.com #62945 - $59.95) GTi DB-9 Cable
OTC part#: 212536 (www.toolsource.com #62946 - $64.95) GTi DB-25 Cable (if you need a 25-pin connector for your PC)

Or, you can make your own, using a straight-through serial cable and a Switchcraft TA4FL connector that plugs into the scan tool. Do a web search on "Switchcraft TA4FL" and you should find a few places that carry this connector.

Pinouts of OTC 212535:

5. TurboDodge Run Logger Program

This program opens a serial connection to the Scan Tool, and lets you "print" saved events and save them to a comma-separated-value (csv) file that can be opened and viewed using Excel or some other spreadsheet program.

Requires Windows95/98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP, and a computer with a serial port or USB to Serial Adapter.

TurboDodge Run Logger (Right-Click and Save As) - Updated 6/5/2004